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Meet the strong expressive world of Margaret Bolinska. Her vision of the world she represents in different work and make use of different material.

“The canvas is a socket with nature, colors and mystic as ingredients. Fragile and fascinating! “
Marnix Vervaet

In contact with the art came Margaret when she was a teenager, then she learned to make modern, colorful tapestries, which she designed. Here in Belgium she felt again a sudden need to create, be creative and she decided to discover the secrets of painting. She followed 5 years General Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Mechelen. Except the academy she followed other art courses. After years studying and experimenting she remains loyal to acrylic – her favorite medium of expression.
From the impressionist forms en imagines tot her own, specific style where sits her unique power of art. Every her  painting seems to be very expressive.

“The painting is more than the lines and dashes. The painting ought to force us to think about. The image shouldn’t be vapid, it should rouse interest “- words of artist.
The image is a reflection of the soul of the artist at that time, at the time of creation. “

The last series of paintings of Margaret  differs a little from her earlier works, which were characterized by huge dynamics, the rich and impulsive  facture combined with bright colors, as well as with expressive deformation.

Margaret’s  works are exhibited in different galleries in Belgium. She started to expose abroad too a few years ago.

She has had 65 exhibitions, most of them individual. She has participated in international exhibitions. One of them is an exhibition in Argentina.

Her site www.bolinska.be gives the details of her exhibitions in the future and in the past.

Margaret writes poems too. Her poems are as expressive as her paintings.



Margaret Bolinska
Tel: 015/51 16 45
GSM: 0498789876
Email: marga007@telenet.be

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